Our History

Undercover roots began back in 1993, when the Vale family began operating a wholesale nursery specialising in native plant stock. Their success led them into the commercial landscaping space and over the following 10 years built a robust business providing construction, streetscape and maintenance services to commercial and local government clients.

In 2003, Undercover Landscapes Pty Ltd was established and with a new full-time team of business and landscaping professionals, began to deliver large, complex projects across the commercial and industrial sectors. The company’s continued success led to the further growth and expansion into commercial maintenance and environmental services, cementing its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Undercover Group Now

Today, we are at the forefront of the landscaping industry with an established environmental pedigree, supplying the highest quality urban renewal and environment projects to civil contractors, commercial clients and government agencies.

As experts in our field, we provide the widest range of ‘whole site’ landscaping and environmental services; from site remediation to constructing large urban landscape developments, delivering VMPs to environmental rehabilitation, managing bio-diversity offsets even growing native plant stock.

Our teams deliver high quality projects, on-time and on budget. Putting quality ahead of profit is why we have trusted, long-term relationships with all our clients.

Accredited as a qualified contractor through BNG Conserve, and CM3.

Investing in the future

At Undercover, we are committed to investing in our people, our customers and our environment; by providing education and development opportunities for our diverse teams and encouraging innovation to developing industry leading technologies that reduce environmental waste and cut employee travel time. Our investment in great people and the tools to support them are our key strategies for the future of our company and guarantee the highest quality outcomes for our clients.

Maintenance Service

Undercover Landscapes specialises in providing complete landscape maintenance services for the commercial, environmental, domestic and strata market.

As well as constructing high quality landscapes, Undercover Landscapes is well aware of the need to provide a quality landscape maintenance service, providing professional horticultural care by qualified staff to enhance both the value and aesthetic nature of your infrastructure.

Undercover Landscapes provide a range of services from turf maintenance and installation, horticultural consultancy, plant supply from our own provenance nursery to complete landscape management including highly sensitive environmental projects.

Undercover Landscapes QA Systems ensure consistency in the quality of all services provided. Clients are provided with maintenance programmes individually tailored to your project, as well as inspection test checklists for all facets of the works.

Reporting is carried out to our clients on all environmentally sensitive projects from water quality to plant progress during all stages from seed collection to planting.

Undercover Landscapes provides a one stop shop from seed to completed environmental rehabilitation with ongoing maintenance.


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